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Іноземних мов
природничих факультетів


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Протягом семестру 2018 року на кафедрі іноземних мов природничих факультетів відбулася ціла серія методичних воркшопів з  найновітнішої методики викладання іноземної мови.



Співробітництво кафедри іноземних мов природничих факультетів із Британською Радою

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Cooperation of the Department of Foreign Languages for Sciences Faculties with the British Council

The project “English for Universities” implemented by the British Council with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine started in the Odesa I.I. Mechnykov National University in 2015.

Objectives of the project:

  • achievement of transformational change in levels of English in Ukraine’s leading universities of both University staff and Bachelor’s degree students (B2 CEFR[1] level)/Master’s degree students (B2 CEFR level)/PhD students (C1 CEFR level);
  • improvement of ELT methods and methodology at the university level through a stable professional growth of both ESP/EAP/ESAP teachers and EMI teachers;
  • improvement of ESP/EAP/ESAP curricula, syllabi;
  • development of the assessment techniques directed to students’ outcomes and observation/feedback techniques directed to classes observations;
  • formation of values ​​and competencies necessary for successful self-realization in the framework of both EL teaching and learning;
  • regular updates and improvements in teaching methodology;
  • involvement of the University’s scientific and teaching staff as well as PhD/Master’s/Bachelor’s students in effective cooperation with European universities in terms of international exchange programs;
  • increase in the autonomy and responsibility of undergraduate / graduate / PhD students, that is, their ability to perform tasks and solve problems independently and be responsible for the results of their performance;
  • raise the linguocultural awareness of undergraduate / graduate / PhD students to promote further Ukraine’s sustainable development and her European choice;
  • assistance in heading of the project results to the society benefits, thus enriching the intellectual, creative, cultural potential of Ukrainian universities.